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Another hobby is the genealogy of my family. One of my relatives - Georg Oehmichen - has created a genealogy of the family, which goes back to the fourtenth century. It captures the family names

Oemig and

I will try to provide a means for searching this archive, but this will last while. Currently I am working on an archive using "Family tree maker". In the meantime, please feel free to , if you know someone with one of those names or are a possible relative itself at least.

I also would like to highlight those members who had become famous for distinct reasons. Let me mention two examples:

Oehmichen's Marionette Theatre, also known as Augsburger Puppenkiste and
Etienne Oehmichen, who built the first flying helicopter. But that is left for future.(you tube video, Wikipedia)

Here are some links of family members I have found so far.

Frank Oemig, Redmond, WA, USA

If you know URLs of family members, please let me know. I am also thinking about presenting a list of family members who can be reached by internet. If you would like to be placed on this page please tell me. I am interested especially in the genealogy of our family. Therefore information on family members (i.e. names, date and place of birth, parents and grandparents) is highly appreciated.


The genealogy of Oehmichen consists of a lot of different branches:

Branch Parent Description
Mahriser Stamm Main branch Oehmichen
Großbaumlitzer Ast
Lützschnitz-Ottewiger Ast
Ischannewitzer Ast
Gastewitz-Nerchauer Ast
Ischoppacher Ast des Mahriser Hauptstammes
Weichteritzer Zweig des Großbauchlitzer Astes
Ibanitzer Zweig des Großbauchlitzer Astes
Käbschützer Zweig des Großbauchlitzer Astes
Ischackwitzer Zweig des Großbauchlitzer Astes
Schmorrener Zweig des Großbauchlitzer Astes
Altmügelner Zweig des Großbauchlitzer Astes
Zeichaer Zweig des Großbauchlitzer Astes
Dennschützer Zweig des Großbauchlitzer Astes
Naßlitzer Zweig vom Großbauchlitzer Aste
Ablaßer Zweig vom Großbauchlitzer Aste
Wagelwitzer Zweig des Großbauchlitzer Astes
Kiebitzer Ast
Trebanitzer Zweig des Kiebitzer Astes
Stockhausener Zweig des Kiebitzer Astes
Präbschützer Zweig des Kiebitzer Astes
Kemmlitzer Zweig des Ischannewitzer Astes
Rockzahner Nebenzweig vom Weichteritzer Zweig
Striegnitzer Ast vom Mahriser Hauptstamme
Sornziger Ast vom Mahriser Hauptstamme
Baderitzer Zweig des Sornziger Aste
Wöllsdorfer Nebenzweig vom Baderitzer Zweig Oemig

I am a member of the last branch. It would be great to find out how we are related to the Oemig's in USA. I know that our branch has emigrants to USA via Denmark and that there are immigrants in USA how originally came from Germany via Denmark! But the most important link is missing. Again, any help is appreciated.


This list may help you to pick up some information about family members in general:

Family Search

A few weeks ago I had the chance to visit the family library in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. It is the biggest archive of genealogical information in the world but you will need a few weeks to check all the available information. You can also browse this library by the link above, but you will only have access to the online information - not the micro films.


In the meantime I have found another link referencing the plant my grandfather has owned together with two partners in Döbeln:
Geschichte der Fa. Groschopp

Last Update : November 22, 2001